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    Deploying Nim on NixOS

    This article describes writing Nix expressions for building Nim projects. I use Genode/Sculpt as my daily-driver OS, but run NixOS on my hosted virtual servers. I find NixOS to be the easiest UNIX clone to configure and for what I do a container on a NixOS host is sufficient, hardware virtualization is not necessary. I wont mention Genode again, other than to say that this method allows me to write projects that I can deploy on Genode and NixOS using a common codebase. Continue...

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    Packaging Nim

    This is a brief writeup on creating and publishing Nim packages. This instructions assume that you are using a fairly up-to-date Linux system and have a copy of the Nim distribution installed as well as the Tup utility. This article assumes some familiarity with the package archives used by Sculpt. Continue...

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    A Libretro retrospective

    Those of you who have looked into my depot have probably noticed that it's mostly games and emulators. Genode is not an operating system optimized for gaming, and I use it for more than just playing games. Continue...

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    Serving the local depot over 9P

    Some people have asked about deploying their "local" packages from a Linux build machine to a Sculpt host, and I use 9P. I have put together a package of my 9P server specifically for serving depot/local using the internal Sculpt network which I will briefly explain. Using the 9P protocol is in some ways more convenient than a VirtualBox shared folder because it can be started and stopped as in independent subsystem rather than a VBox-builtin, the client is usually built into the Linux kernel, and of course, it works with modern operating systems such as 9front. Continue...

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    A build-system for personal depots

    Inspired by my discovery of the wonderful Tup tool and my prior experience as a Gentoo and NixOS maintainer, I've created a new build system and repository format for my own personal depot. The build system is non-recursive and uses Git submodules in a manner similar to the Gittup project. Continue...

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    Secure screenshots part I

    I had number of potential topics for my first Genodians article, but none worth publishing without a good screenshot. Secure operating systems should make screen capture difficult or impossible, so I had my excuse not to write those articles. Eventually I did write a screenshot utility, which I describe here. Later articles may cover implementation details and improvements to the scheme described here. Continue...