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User-friendly handling of missing ports in depot tools

I enjoy the elegant and potent system behind packages in Genode. Therefore I found it particularly sad that, for me, a tiny, rather superficial issue always dimished the user experience: Missing archives of third-party code, called ports, are reported only one at a time, and each time, the user has to push the process forward manually. Because of this, building large packages like Sculpt with dependencies to over 20 of these ports, can become an annoying task.

For the Hack'n'Hike gathering 2019, I wanted this to be my pet project. It's not a big thing but it makes my life and hopefully those of others more enjoyable. Now, the tools tool/depot/extract and tool/depot/create give me the following when calling them with the typical sculpt packages in a fresh Genode directory:

 tool/depot/create \
   genodelabs/pkg/x86_64/sculpt genodelabs/bin/x86_64/base-nova \

 Error: Ports not prepared or outdated:
   bash coreutils curl dde_ipxe dde_linux dde_rump e2fsprogs ...

 You can prepare respectively update them as follows:
   /.../tool/ports/prepare_port bash coreutils curl dde_ipxe ...

But I'm a lazy guy, so I use the new PREPARE_PORTS flag for automatic creation of missing ports (note that this implies downloading and modifying files in your contrib directory without further asking for permission):

 tool/depot/create \
   genodelabs/pkg/x86_64/sculpt genodelabs/bin/x86_64/base-nova \

 Ports not prepared or outdated:
   bash coreutils curl dde_ipxe dde_linux dde_rump e2fsprogs ...

 Preparing ports...

 bash  download
 coreutils  download
 curl  download
 created genodelabs/api/block_session/2019-05-05
 created genodelabs/api/base/2019-05-17
 created genodelabs/api/base-nova/2019-05-17

As you can see, after preparing all missing ports, the tool directly comes back to its original job - the creation of depot archives. Note, that the stage of preparing ports also considers the -j flag that I added to the create call.

In case I merely want to know which ports are needed for building a given set of archives, I can use the new tool tool/depot/missing_ports :

 tool/depot/missing_ports \
   genodelabs/pkg/x86_64/sculpt \
 bash coreutils curl dde_ipxe dde_linux dde_rump e2fsprogs ...

The simple list output is also suitable for being processed in an automated way.

Currently, these features are waiting for their merge to the official master branch but, if you like, you can give them a try on my topic branch.