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About the CBE design approach

In this article, I'd like to document the design approach applied in the CBE because I find it particularly interesting and elegant in some ways. Although the article was motivated through my work at the CBE project, I didn't add it to the CBE article series because the concept is not CBE specific and, in fact, existed in great part already before the CBE with projects like Genode's VFS and propably even earlier in other systems that I don't know. So, please don't take this as a claim for the concept to be my idea - I just want to document it ;)



  • Finding a solution for a problem that fits well into the described concept was sometimes the contrary of "straight forward" for me. I had to get used to it - but the result is worth it.

  • The design might produce a notable amount of bureaucratic code. However, this bureaucracy consists of only a handful of very basic things that are repeated very often. Creating a generic framework for this might be worth further investigation.