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A new place for sharing Genode-related stories presents ideas, announcements, experience stories, and tutorials around Genode, written by people like you and me. Genode users and developers are very welcome to join our tribe of authors!

After more than a decade of development, Genode still remains a fairly obscure project to many casual observers. New information comes out in bursts, along with the quarterly Genode releases. In-between the releases, the project life at GitHub and Genode Labs is vivid but it remains largely out of view of the public eye. With, we want to remove the mystery cloak from the project by sharing practical insights and experience stories in a casual way.

The postings are maintained by each author individually. The website merely aggregates them at one easy-to-find place. The simplest way to become an author is as follows:

  1. Create a new repository for your content at GitHub. Let's call it "genodian".

  2. Add the following content to your genodian repository:

    • An author.txt file with information about you that will be displayed along with your articles.

    • A 128x128 PNG image called author.png that depicts you or an avatar of you.

    • Your first posting in a file called <YYYY-MM-DD>-<title>.txt, for example


    All text files are written in GOSH style, which is very similar to markdown. You may take my repository as reference.

  3. Open a new issue at proposing the inclusion of your genodian repository.

Please also consider the README file at for more details, general rules, and an easy way to test-drive the appearance of your postings locally on your machine.