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Download Debian VM and the VirtualBox Guest Additions reloaded

With the release of Sculpt 19.07 and release of Debian 10 (Buster) it is about time to update the download_debian package as well. I briefly tested the VirtualBox guest-additions version 6.0.4 (that's the version provided in the non-free repository) by installing them directly from the .iso which appear to work well.

The overall instructions are basically the same as already given in the previous post:

First install the package via Depot → cnuke → Virtual Machines → download_debian. To download Debian's netinstall .iso image, the download_debian package needs access to a file system (called target) on which to store it. The file system in question that should be selected is the vm_fs which may have to be started beforehand. This file system, or rather chroot for that matter, points to the <default-fs>/vm/debian directory also used by the vbox5-nova-sculpt package.

After the download_debian package has done its job, i.e. the .iso was downloaded successfully (check the progress output in the log terminal) the package may be safely removed from the runtime graph and Debian can be installed by starting the vbox5-nova-sculpt package.

Now, to enjoy proper VM integration features, it is necessary to install the guest-additions for VirtualBox. Since Debian does not provide .deb packages we'll use the VBoxGuestAdditions_6.0.4.iso

$ su -
# apt update
# apt install --no-install-recommends linux-headers-amd64 make
# wget
# mount -o loop VBoxGuestAdditions_6.0.4.iso /mnt
# sh /mnt/
# umount /mnt
# reboot

After the guest-additions are installed and the guest system was rebooted you should have working shared-folder, dynamic-resolution and mouse-pointer-shape support.

You might need to disable Wayland in the GDM configuration if you chose to install GNOME and want to run that as your desktop environment. Add


in /etc/gdm3/daemon.conf if you encounter problems, e.g. a black screen with only the mouse pointer showing after installing the guest-additions. I haven't investigate why this happens and to be honest I'm not too eager to spend time on that (I tried to use weston-launch and weston-terminal but in this case nothing was rendered although weston appeared to run but than again my experience with Wayland is quite limited). That being said, I would appreciate a note if anyone of you has experience running guests using Wayland within VirtualBox or if somebody knows how to fix this problem.