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Genode at the FOSDEM 2023

Last week, I returned from the FOSDEM 2023 in Brussels and it was a great joy for me after all these years to finally see a real-live FOSDEM again. Besides belgian fries and sweetened mate tea, one could once again get a taste of Genode at the conference. This year, the OS framework received 3 presentation in two different tracks.

The presentation that maybe was the biggest surprise for me was "Using Genode as an enabler for research on modern operating systems" by Michael Müller from the University Osnabrück. As most time of the year I'm deep down some technical innards of Genode in our office in Dresden, it's a real pleasure for me to see someone from the "outer world" using Genode for his day-to-day work and being so motivated by it that he travels to Brussels and holds a talk about it. You can access the recording of the talk here:

The most impressive and promising Genode talk for me was "Can Genode on the PinePhone question the notion of a smartphone?" by Norman Feske. He demonstrates the current state of one of the main directions at Genode Labs currently: conquering the smartphone world with fresh concepts. He also carried a full box of printed Genode "Foundations" and "Platforms" books. After the presentation they disappeared in no time, leaving us with an astonished smile. You can watch the video online:

The presentation I learned the most from myself was "Device driver gardening" by Stefan Kalkowski. He developed the modernized and much faster approach for porting Linux device drivers to Genode. In the talk he even gives a short demonstration of how it works. The video is available here:

I hope you enjoy the talks as much as I have. See you soon!