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Migration of incompatible File Vault containers

The File Vault is a graphical tool for creating and managing encrypted file containers in Genode. The first official version was published with Sculpt 21.03b. Since then, the File Vault is part of the basic tooling for Sculpt.

The File Vault in Sculpt 23.10 is the first one not to be backwards-compatible. So, containers created with File Vault 23.04 or earlier are not accessible with File Vault 23.10. However, attempting to open an older container with File Vault 23.10 doesn't do harm to the container.

In order to allow for a smooth transition, Sculpt 23.10 provides a migration approach for File Vault users. The idea is to use a forward-port of the old File Vault to decrypt all files and then copy them to a new File Vault 23.10 container.

For this tutorial, I assume that you are using the recall_fs package as file system server for the data and trust_anchor sessions of your File Vault. First, install and deploy + -> genodelabs -> tools -> system_shell with the the target File System routed to the File System that recall_fs uses and do

 mv rw/recall/file_vault rw/recall/file_vault_23_04

Then, you'll need my package index. You can download it via + -> depot -> selection -> mstein. Now, install and deploy the + -> depot -> mstein -> file_vault_23_04 package and route its data file system to the old File Vault container. It's fine if your container is older than 23.04, as version 23.04 was fully backwards-compatible.

As soon as you have unlocked your old container in File Vault 23.04 by entering the passphrase, look up its Client FS dimensions. Install and deploy + -> depot -> genodelabs -> tools -> file_vault package and create a new container with an equally sized or bigger Client FS. Leave both, the old and the new File Vault running and unlocked.

Next, deploy the + -> genodelabs -> tools -> system_shell package a second time but this time route the report FS to file_vault_23_04 and the config FS to file_vault. The target FS route is not important. Inside this second shell, do

 cp -rfv report/* config/

After that, the content of both File Vault containers should be identical and the new container should integrate into your system without further ado. You can now close file_vault_23_04 and the two system_shell instances. Just to be sure, I'd advice you to keep your old container as back up for a while. In general, it is advisable to not store critical data in the File Vault yet or at least have a differently secured back-up as the File Vault project is still quite in flux.

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