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Setting Up Genode developing environment for Hyperbola OS

Hyperbola OS is an OS where all softwares are critically checked for freedom compatibility. It is based on Arch Linux and is moving towards OpenBSD's kernel. I have created a package for Hyperbola OS which should work for all Arch based OSes. Basically, you can install all dependencies and build a Genode toolchain automatically with the following command with root permissions:

 pacman -S genode-dev

Currently, follow the following steps to install Genode environment:

 git clone
 cd hyperbola_os/genode-dev

You can also use ../ which builds in a chroot and is more secure in case all dependency packages are available at your OS repos.

If any dependency isn't satisfied, install it with pacman. If it doesn't exist in your OS, check within hyperbola_os directory and proceed as follows,

 cd <package_name>
 ../ OR makepkg


Above instructions work for doas utility which is default in Hyperbola OS.

  1. Edit genode-dev.install and remove " SUDO=doas"

  2. Update 2nd sha512sum of new genode-dev.install file using sha512sum utility on GNU/Linux


  1. makepkg

Report any issues on notabug.