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FOSDEM'19 - Microkernel devroom

The year 2019 marked Genode Lab's turn to organize the Microkernels and Component-based OS devroom at FOSDEM 2019 in Brussels. The devroom has been established in 2012 and every year since, varying open-source organizations or private microkernel enthusiasts have taken over and passed the organization helmet on. We had a great time meeting familiar and new faces at the devroom and, in my personal opinion, we had an interesting mixture of talks this year. I especially want to thank the Unikernel speakers, since they brought a breath of fresh air into the devroom, while staying at eye-level regarding the technical skills required for systems programming. So, thank you!

As for Genode, I like to point out Alexander's talk about the progress he made regarding Genode's unified virtualization interface.

Microkernel virtualization under one roof - Dare the impossible

The talk is available here. A mobile friendly version is also available.

Also, Norman gave an unexpected lightning talk about the current state of Genode's Sculpt OS, which really gathered traction.

Genode's Sculpt OS - A general purpose microkernel based OS in daily use

Here are the links: MP4 and WEBM.

All talks are available at FOSDEM's main site. Have fun watching and if you feel like organizing the Microkernel devroom next year, let us know - we would be happy to give support.