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Tracing support for Genode's VFS

I just published a new trace_fs component within my depot. It announces a file system that can be mounted, e.g. to a noux-system instance. The directory structure of the file system represents Genode's recursive parent child relationship.

To give the component a try, check

 + -> Depot -> Selection -> ssumpf

in your runtime.

Install by selecting

 + -> Depot -> ssumpf -> Tools -> trace fs

Start a noux system instance

 + -> Depot -> genodelabs -> Tools -> noux-system

Route the file system called target to trace fs.

Currently there are not many trace points enabled per default within Sculpt. In order to add trace points to your application the new trace function can be facilitated, it has identical features as Genode::log.

#include <base/log.h>

void func()
  unsigned nr = 3;
  Genode::trace("This trace point number: ",  nr);

Instructions for configuring the trace-file system can be found in this README