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  • Norman Feske avatar

    Pine fun - Kernel skeleton

    Of the several kernels supported by the Genode OS framework, the so-called base-hw kernel is our go-to microkernel for ARM-based devices. Section Execution on bare hardware of the Genode Foundations book goes into detail about its underlying software design. This article describes the process of porting this kernel to a new board, specifically the Pine-A64-LTS single-board computer. Continue...

  • Josef Söntgen avatar

    Wrapping build.conf to use it more conveniently

    The Genode build system uses GNU Make to build all components as well as to drive the run-tool for automated testing. A key piece is the build.conf file that for one configures the build system (specs, repositories etc. pp) and for the other sets various run-tool options. Over the years, instead of dealing with adapting the file directly, I started to use simple wrapper snippets to make testing on a variety of machines more convenient. Continue...

  • Norman Feske avatar

    A convenient shortcut for working with test packages

    The train to FOSDEM was the perfect setting for creating a dirty little tool for quickly building and running single test packages. Continue...