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Goa updated to Genode 20.02

Now that Genode 20.02 is out of the door, it's a good time to update Goa to the match the most recent Genode version.

If you have installed Goa already, you can update the tool for the use of the current version 20.02 of Genode and Sculpt OS by issuing:

 goa update-goa master

Should you want to switch back to the previous version 19.11, you can always do so via:

 goa update-goa 19.11

You can check the current Goa version via goa –version.

Article series

The following articles have been updated and re-tested with Genode 20.02:

Goa - streamlining the development of Genode applications

Goa - sticking together a little Unix (part 1)

Goa - sticking together a little Unix (part 2)

Goa - sticking together a little Unix (part 3)

Goa - publishing packages

You can see the changes in detail in the corresponding history.


If you followed the steps of the Unix tutorial with Genode 19.11 and want to update your project to version 20.02, make sure to add the definition of the PATH environment variable to the bash shell. Otherwise, pipes won't work. The Goa playground repository has been updated in this regard.

Norman's Goa playground