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    Physical Hard Disk Passthrough in Genode's version of VirtualBox.

    Here, I'll describe how to set up Linux booting from the physical Hard disk, and mounting several partitions. Here: described how to tweak VirtualBox for using your physical hard disk as a single "Block" session, and accessing it in an exclusive fashion. The disadvantage is that VirtualBox uses all your hard disk exclusively, so you will be unable to use it in Sculpt for your GENODE partition. In other words, your GENODE partition should be on a separate hard disk, or a flash stick. This may be inconvenient. So, I found how I could give to VBox a selected set of partitions only (/dev/sda9 being Linux root partition, /dev/sda8 being a Linux swap partition, /dev/sda7 was my data partition with Genode sources, formatted with JFS file system and /dev/sda1 was my second data partition, formatted as FAT32). And /dev/sda11 was my Genode partition. Continue...

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    Remote booting of x86 machines with PXE and Intel AMT

    Two weeks ago, I ordered a refurbished Thinkpad T420, which is compatible with many OS'es, including Genode/Sculpt. It is listed in cnuke's Genode unofficial HCL. So, I, from the beginning, wanted to set up the usual workflow of Genode developers. Continue...