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    Seoul VMM and the new VM interface

    In January I presented the ongoing work at the FOSDEM 2019 about the generalization of the virtualization interface on Genode for x86. Now the first bunch of commits entered Genode master for the Seoul VMM. Continue...

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    Graphical CPU utilization and monitoring tool

    The top_view package is a tool using the tracing infrastructure of Genode to gather thread related information, e.g. execution time, and prepare them for graphical presentation. I already develop it for a while beginning with the early Sculpt versions. In the last weeks I extended it in my leisure time with some extra features, with the goal to selectively monitor behaviour of components of interest over some time. The main impulse was triggered during the work on audio on Sculpt, where I missed a basic online tool that supports me to get better insights into some behaviour of the system. Continue...

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    Updated packages for Sculpt CE

    With the image release of Genode's Sculpt CE yesterday, it is time to report about some updated packages of mine. Continue...

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    Disposal browser VMs

    Since the early beginning of Sculpt I host and maintain two packages for running an up-to-date Firefox as VM. My main motivation is to have the door to the Internet out-of my "work" VM, which contains all sorts of sensible data. Continue...

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    Native audio with Sculpt VC

    On the way back of FOSDEM 2019 I recognized that I missed to setup audio for my Sculpt VC machine. I used it already with Sculpt TC, but somehow I never took the time to re-integrate it with Sculpt VC. The next days after the FOSDEM trip I consulted my personal audio advisor -Josef- how to setup things. Continue...

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    Locking up your Sculpt VC screen

    Using Sculpt on my working machine as day-to-day OS became quite comfortable. Still, some inconvenient stayed. One specific one appeared whenever I started for lunch - I wanted to lock the screen. Currently, this functionality is missing - because of that I had to power down my machine during lunch. Obviously, this is annoying - so I started to investigate how to solve the issue. Continue...