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  • Stefan Kalkowski avatar

    Docker image with Genode toolchain 23.05

    The pre-built docker image to easily develop Genode on top of arbitrary host systems got updated to a more recent Ubuntu 22.04 base system. Moreover, it now contains the last Genode toolchain 23.05., Qemu 6.2, and all necessary host tools to run any kernel, board, and run-script combination. Continue...

  • Norman Feske avatar

    Pine fun - Touchscreen

    On our mission to enable the PinePhone hardware for Genode piece by piece, let's turn our attention to the touchscreen device, which is the gateway to interactive system scenarios. Continue...

  • Norman Feske avatar

    Pine fun - Booting Genode on the PinePhone

    Until now, my exploration of the Allwinner A64 SoC was mainly concerned with the Pine-A64-LTS board, which offers developer conveniences like booting over the network, or easily accessible reset and GPIO pins. Now, it's time to switch gears by moving the development workflow over to the PinePhone. Continue...

  • Norman Feske avatar

    Pine fun - Networking

    This article walks through the challenge of porting a network driver from the Linux kernel to Genode. It thereby exemplifies Genode's device-driver environment approach for the reuse of unmodified Linux kernel code, touches crucial technicalities of the Linux kernel, and provides practical clues. Continue...

  • Norman Feske avatar

    Pine fun - Pruning device trees

    We briefly touched the treasure trove called device trees in the previous article. To leverage the wealth of information for the development and porting of Genode device drivers, this article introduces a handy new tool set. Continue...

  • Stefan Kalkowski avatar

    Genode development container

    In the past, the question was asked several times: why doesn't Genode provide a development container, e.g., a docker image. The question was raised by some community members, as well as people interested in giving Genode a try. They did not want to install an additional compiler toolchain and a bunch of tools and thereby pollute their daily working environment. Continue...

  • Norman Feske avatar

    A convenient shortcut for working with test packages

    The train to FOSDEM was the perfect setting for creating a dirty little tool for quickly building and running single test packages. Continue...