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    Remap mouse buttons in the input filter

    As the current USB HID driver simply parses the report descriptor some input devices will operate in its default configuration. That, however might be undesirable - input filter to the rescue. Continue...

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    Using the Block::Request_stream API in the NVMe driver

    The NVMe driver component is switched to the Request_stream API in accordance to the road map, where consolidation of the Block-level components is scheduled for the upcoming 20.05 release. As a side-effect, things got a little bit simpler in the driver. Although being one of the first drivers to be converted to new the API it is late to the party nonetheless. Continue...

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    Download Debian VM and the VirtualBox Guest Additions reloaded

    With the release of Sculpt 19.07 and release of Debian 10 (Buster) it is about time to update the download_debian package as well. I briefly tested the VirtualBox guest-additions version 6.0.4 (that's the version provided in the non-free repository) by installing them directly from the .iso which appear to work well. Continue...

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    Wrapping build.conf to use it more conveniently

    The Genode build system uses GNU Make to build all components as well as to drive the run-tool for automated testing. A key piece is the build.conf file that for one configures the build system (specs, repositories etc. pp) and for the other sets various run-tool options. Over the years, instead of dealing with adapting the file directly, I started to use simple wrapper snippets to make testing on a variety of machines more convenient. Continue...

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    Download Debian VM and the VirtualBox Guest Additions

    Since most of the previous launchers but a few vital ones are gone and superseded by the index mechanism, the download_debian package is now located in Depot → cnuke → Virtual Machines → download_debian. As Debian's guest-additions packages might target a newer VirtualBox host version it is now recommended to install them in a different way to properly match the currently supported host version. Continue...

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    Testing components directly on Sculpt via the depot user local

    Software is installed on Sculpt using the deploy mechanism that incorporates a caching component to keep the memory footprint for often used parts of the system constant. For the time being it is not contemplated to easily replace already loaded files and is therefor unsuited for testing components. However, there is still a way to perform the testing on Sculpt: the depot user local. Continue...