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  • Josef Söntgen avatar

    Download Debian VM and the VirtualBox Guest Additions reloaded

    With the release of Sculpt 19.07 and release of Debian 10 (Buster) it is about time to update the download_debian package as well. I briefly tested the VirtualBox guest-additions version 6.0.4 (that's the version provided in the non-free repository) by installing them directly from the .iso which appear to work well. Continue...

  • Alexander Böttcher avatar

    Updated packages for Sculpt CE

    With the image release of Genode's Sculpt CE yesterday, it is time to report about some updated packages of mine. Continue...

  • Stefan Kalkowski avatar

    Tweaking existent packages to your needs

    Since the first Sculpt OS version, I have used several virtual-machines side-by-side. One for web-browsing, another for e-mail processing, and of course one for development purposes. At that time, I had some trouble using those three VMs at once with respect to performance and stability using the Rump Ext2 filesystem server. So, I decided to use dedicated partitions of my hard-drive for the VMs instead of image files as block device backend. Although, that early problems were solved, I've kept my already installed Linux VMs in the corresponding partitions. Continue...

  • Alexander Böttcher avatar

    Disposal browser VMs

    Since the early beginning of Sculpt I host and maintain two packages for running an up-to-date Firefox as VM. My main motivation is to have the door to the Internet out-of my "work" VM, which contains all sorts of sensible data. Continue...

  • Josef Söntgen avatar

    Download Debian VM and the VirtualBox Guest Additions

    Since most of the previous launchers but a few vital ones are gone and superseded by the index mechanism, the download_debian package is now located in Depot → cnuke → Virtual Machines → download_debian. As Debian's guest-additions packages might target a newer VirtualBox host version it is now recommended to install them in a different way to properly match the currently supported host version. Continue...