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  • Benjamin Lamowski avatar

    A first complex Rust package

    With the release of depot packages for Sculpt OS 23.10, we finally have all building blocks in place to build and run a Rust package without needing to locally build its Genode dependencies. Continue...

  • Norman Feske avatar

    Pine fun - Kernel packaging and testing

    With our toes still a bit frozen from testing the waters of the user land, we now take the remaining steps towards a cultivated Genode life, largely automating our work flow, packaging the kernel, and testing the platform like there is no tomorrow. Continue...

  • Norman Feske avatar

    Goa - publishing packages

    In the previous articles (1, 2, 3) about Goa, we created a minimalistic Unix system by combining Genode's ready-to-use building blocks with universally loved GNU software. Now it's time to publish our little creation so that it can be deployed directly on Sculpt OS. Continue...

  • Stefan Kalkowski avatar

    Tweaking existent packages to your needs

    Since the first Sculpt OS version, I have used several virtual-machines side-by-side. One for web-browsing, another for e-mail processing, and of course one for development purposes. At that time, I had some trouble using those three VMs at once with respect to performance and stability using the Rump Ext2 filesystem server. So, I decided to use dedicated partitions of my hard-drive for the VMs instead of image files as block device backend. Although, that early problems were solved, I've kept my already installed Linux VMs in the corresponding partitions. Continue...

  • Norman Feske avatar

    A convenient shortcut for working with test packages

    The train to FOSDEM was the perfect setting for creating a dirty little tool for quickly building and running single test packages. Continue...